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Scottish Stone Jewellery

Here is a selection of Iona Marble, Skye Marble, Ross of Mull Granite, Mother of Pearl and Champagne Mother of Pearl pieces.

If nothing is shown we are unfortunately sold out, some items are one offs and unfortunately will not be repeated.

Iona Marble Iona Marble Our famous Iona Marble Collection, limited to preserve stocks and simply beautifully made.We are very fortunate to have our own stocks of Iona Marble, now very limited, we have these small amount of items made each year, however when they are gone, that's it!
Isle of Mull Granite Isle of Mull Granite Only a small amount of jewellery featuring Ross of Mull Granite. Once they are gone, they are gone as there will be no more!
Skye Marble Skye Marble A lovely creamy grey banded marble from the Island of Skye.
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