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DR80 Celtic Everlasting Knot Engagement Ring

DR80 Celtic Everlasting Knot Engagement Ring

A stunning celtic engagement ring set with a single stone of 0.26ct. Our best selling ring, we can see why, not only fantastic design but also solid, a lifetime ring.

Larger image shows the 9ct Yellow Gold Ring and the Platinum version.

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Our Price (Inc VAT)
9ct Yellow Gold Diamond104-DR80-9YG-D-SIZE1 1246.00
9ct Yellow Gold Emerald104-DR80-9YG-E-SIZE1 1246.00
9ct Yellow Gold Sapphire104-DR80-9YG-S-SIZE1 1246.00
9ct Yellow Gold Ruby104-DR80-9YG-R-SIZE1 1246.00
9ct White Gold Diamond104-DR80-9WG-D-SIZE1 1280.00
9ct White Gold Emerald104-DR80-9WG-E-SIZE1 1280.00
9ct White Gold Ruby104-DR80-9WG-R-SIZE1 1280.00
9ct White Gold Sapphire104-DR80-9WG-S-SIZE1 1280.00
9ct Yellow Gold Sapphire104-DR80-9YG-S-SIZE2 1339.00
9ct Yellow Gold Emerald104-DR80-9YG-E-SIZE2 1339.00
9ct Yellow Gold Diamond104-DR80-9YG-D-SIZE2 1339.00
9ct Yellow Gold Ruby104-DR80-9YG-R-SIZE2 1339.00
9ct White Gold Sapphire104-DR80-9WG-S-SIZE2 1484.00
9ct White Gold Ruby104-DR80-9WG-R-SIZE2 1484.00
9ct White Gold Emerald104-DR80-9WG-E-SIZE2 1484.00
9ct White Gold Diamond104-DR80-9WG-D-SIZE2 1484.00
18ct Yellow Gold Diamond104-DR80-18YG-D-SIZE1 1874.00
18ct Yellow Gold Emerald104-DR80-18YG-E-SIZE1 1874.00
18ct Yellow Gold Ruby104-DR80-18YG-R-SIZE1 1874.00
18ct Yellow Gold Sapphire104-DR80-18YG-S-SIZE1 1874.00
18ct White Gold Diamond104-DR80-18WG-D-SIZE1 1975.00
18ct White Gold Emerald104-DR80-18WG-E-SIZE1 1975.00
18ct White Gold Ruby104-DR80-18WG-R-SIZE1 1975.00
18ct White Gold Sapphire104-DR80-18WG-S-SIZE1 1975.00
18ct Yellow Gold Sapphire104-DR80-18YG-S-SIZE2 2136.00
18ct Yellow Gold Ruby104-DR80-18YG-R-SIZE2 2136.00
18ct Yellow Gold Emerald104-DR80-18YG-E-SIZE2 2136.00
18ct Yellow Gold Diamond104-DR80-18YG-D-SIZE2 2136.00
18ct White Gold Sapphire104-DR80-18WG-S-SIZE2 2261.00
18ct White Gold Ruby104-DR80-18WG-R-SIZE2 2261.00
18ct White Gold Emerald104-DR80-18WG-E-SIZE2 2261.00
18ct White Gold Diamond104-DR80-18WG-D-SIZE2 2261.00
Platinum Diamond104-DR80-P-D-SIZE1 2785.00
Platinum Emerald104-DR80-P-E-SIZE1 2785.00
Platinum Ruby104-DR80-P-R-SIZE1 2785.00
Platinum Sapphire104-DR80-P-S-SIZE1 2785.00
Platinum Sapphire104-DR80-P-S-SIZE2 3292.00
Platinum Ruby104-DR80-P-R-SIZE2 3292.00
Platinum Emerald104-DR80-P-E-SIZE2 3292.00
Platinum Diamond104-DR80-P-D-SIZE2 3292.00

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Rowan from Wisconsin, US

My husband got this for me for our engagement...WAY back in 2004. It looks just as beautiful today and it did then!

October 2013
This review applies to the 9ct White Gold Diamond version.
Love it!
Reviewed by Tyler K. from OR (USA)

This is truly a really beautiful ring. I saw it when I was visiting Scotland from the US, and just had to get it to give to my future bride. She loves it by the way. Even the 9ct shines and the diamond is brilliant. The trinity knot means a lot to my fiancee and I. The R70 'New Wave' ring band accents it well.

January 2012
This review applies to the 9ct Yellow Gold Diamond version.

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