Shetland Jewellery - R293 Balta Celtic Animals Ring - Silver
An unusual Celtic ring featuring a circle of animals. The design is taken from a Celtic Cross - the Moone Cross from County Kildare in Ireland.

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Ortak - R153 Celtic Ring
Celtic craftsmen adapted ideas from nature to produce wonderfully sophisticated designs. Spirals, animal motifs and crosses were woven into intricate knot work patterns.

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Shetland Jewellery - R121 St. Ninian's Isle Ring - Silver
This particular design is part of a collection from the St Ninian's Isle Treasure - A horde of Celtic silver jewellery, Church silver, and other items found in St Ninians Isle, Shetland in 1958.

From $65.01

Shetland Jewellery - R124 Celtic Ring - Silver
Named after the Island Fetlar in the Shetland Isles. Celtic band ring with an unusual twist.

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Shetland Jewellery - R126 Celtic Ring - Silver
Named after the Island Havra in the Shetland Isles. Openwork Celtic Ring incorporating the never ending 'line of life' knot work.

From $65.01